Ægostia (pronounced /æg.ost.ja/ by locals, backup ASCII notation AEgostia) is the capital of the Chrome Empire between the years of −680 ~ −250 CE. The city itself, founded sometime mid-year −3 550:12 0, has been through being at least a major city of at least five or six countries, culminating in the demise of the Chrome by −244 CE.

Early yearsEdit

Ægostia was founded by the Indajü in the day −3 550:12 0. After a while, it formed its own country, also called Indajü, in the day −3 403:20 0.

New Year's Day −2 886:00 0 amounted to Indajü being invaded by the Moħo, and being not of the recording-type, the records begin to peter out and fade. The latest record was dated −2 007:15 0 and documents a great feast. No other details were known.

The Gap (please mind it)Edit

The Moħo aren't good at maintaining the country, but they're phenomenal defenders and easily held on to various invasions of Ægostia. Some of them were indicated by their invaders and are indicated below:

Complete List of All Invasions Known of the Moħo, −1 911 ~ −1 200
Invader Time
Aburha −1 911
Erbag −1 804
Qastí −1 777
Erbag (2) −1 775
Erbag-Qasti Union −1 720
Mandia −1 664
Qasco −1 661
Erbamania −1 620
Hasno −1 500
Hasno (2) −1 496
Erbanania (2) −1 444
Hasno (3) −1 403
Benagu −1 389
Benagu (2) −1 387
Benagu (3) −1 384
Benagu (4) −1 383
Benagu (5) (!) −1 377
Lenar −1 330
Vonyoba −1 244
Palandao −1 230

And that's when the Bemarans came around.

Sacking of the BermaransEdit

Ægostia was finally wrestled from the Moħo by the Bermarans in the year −1 107, and the entire city was sacked.

Approximately 57% of the entire city was burnt, and nearly all the declared value was lost. The population dropped from 1 050 000 to about 410 000 because of it.

The Bermarans are good invaders, but they aren't good maintainers. Their Bermaran Confederation, founded not twenty years previously, managed to hold on to it for about :01 1 before breaking again.

The BaldingEdit

Following was bleak days for Ægostia. It repeatedly switched hands, and poorly handled city planning caused a couple of fires, once in −880 and another in −799. In general, it stayed in the hands of the Mabion cliques. It was considered a little bit more stable than its contemporaries in the cliques, but that doesn't say much -- after all, fellow city Yosemat was flooded and rebuilt so often it was often considered mobile.

And then the Chromates came.

Collapse of the CliqueEdit

The Chromes started as a clique themselves, but then in the year −860 they reformed themselves into a more cohesive groups. It first used its native resources to haggle in a couple of cliques, which boosted their power. In time, they grew to be a super-clique: one that, according to the minds of the scholars at the time, were near-destined by Magna Hoscato to be the one to rule them all

The outer cliques fell to Chrome rule in −722:35 0. The rest keep falling due to their greater desire to fight each other than the outside, and Ægostia was won to the Chrome in the year −705. The Chromates, looking at Ægostia's ideal locations in the mountains and easy access to fields, quickly moved their capital there, and from there on oversaw the complete conquest of the Mabion cliques.

The Age of ViceroysEdit

What followed was a period unparalleled in nearly all places save a couple in the Shadowlands. Libraries were established relatively quickly on; The university of Ægostia was founded −594:10 0. The city was massively resculpted and streets slowly started defining a hexagonal structure for the blocks. This period lasted until the Ablado Crisis, −270 CE.

After the Ablado CrisisEdit

The entire court was divided into seven camps, all with ideas on what to do with the fading Empire. The Density Party wanted a great regrouping to the core lands and trying to fight back; whereas the Volume Party wishes for more funding on army training. These seven parties continue to talk back and forth, without much progress done, no thanks to the Grand Marshall ASITVO (capitalization correct) not doing anything.

Eventually infighting occurred and there is nothing that he locals can do. The universities, while not shut down, ran for the (higher) hills to continue with the studies. While not becoming insular, they're having trouble getting new students.

Ægostia's 900 d Radius of Comfort was breached −266 CE, and then the Chromes were finished.

Battle of ÆgostiaEdit

It wasn't pretty okay? So the invading Oghas, descendents of the Moħo (though they don't know yet), went in the city and was confused by the stone hexagons that become disorientating. While the Chromates can deal with these early invasions, the Oghas found plans of the city and then it became easy for them to break in and fight what's left of the army, already suffering under high attrition rates.

Soundly defeated in −244:01 8, the city fell to the Oghas.

Oghas RestorationEdit

Feeling the 3 000 year history of the city, the Oghas were awed that they took the city. While they weren't exactly spending every waking man-hour to deal with the city, they did set up capital here once again. At time of writing, they are getting the University of Ægostia to come down the (higher) hills and participate in a reintroduction program.


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