'Almanac' is a Terra Altan city. Found in Tillom Valley, on the end of the western branch of the Gyrn Ranges, Almanac is most notable for the White Library.


Almanac's origins are found approximate 1200 years prior amongst the ruins of a Delvinic city, developing from a regular waystation of merchants on the Whiteroot Road to a more permanent settlement. Although no exact date is given for Almanac's formation, the city generally declares -1142 CE as the year of its foundation proper - when the scholar Rotia Alma discovered and decrypted the first portion of the Balliforth Scrolls in the fallen city's catacombs. The "scrolls"' size making extraction from the ruins infeasible, researchers flocked from across Terra Alta and established the city's reputation as a hive of academia.

In -931 CE, three years after the development of the first lexograph by the artificer Aaron Finemont, the White Library was established (and sanctioned by the then-king King Dio the Tacit) in the extensive catacombs as a depository for the printed works now being mass-produced by Finemont's invention.

After five years of negotiations, leadership of the Library was finally conceded by the Crown to the Guild of Shelveskeeps and their founder (and consequently first Chief Shelveskeep), Fiona Alma. At this point the role of Almanac Governor was also instated by the crown.


Almanac can be roughly divided into three districts. The dense "industrial" district houses the artificers, printers, and other forgers of the city's key exports - which mostly features precision instruments in addition to printed works. The "industrial" district is positioned above the original cave system entrance, which is surrounded by the "municipal" district. This features the official lodgings of the White Library's higher-ranked Shelveskeepeers, with the exception of the Chief Shelveskeep who takes up residence in the Library itself. Below the main entrance to the White Library are the more spacious "residential" districts. The buildings are larger, potentially catering to several households who work in their neighbouring tiered gardens. Smaller side entrances into the Library are interspersed throughout the residential district, often used for foot traffic.


Almanac's governor, general overseer of the city and local representative of the Terra Altan Crown, is reinstated or reappointed by an Inquisitor sent by the King every four years as appropriate. The governor (presently a Lord Hume Streiden, appointed seven years ago and hopefully on his way out) oversees the day-to-day running of the city with consultation from the Guild of Shelveskeeps, Almanac's branch of the Crafters' Coalition, and Almanac's Harbourmaster. The governor has minimal interaction with the Chief Shelveskeep, save for excruciating periodic meetings so the Governor may tour the Library. Otherwise, the Guild handles most of the Library's externally sourced requirements, which suits the Chief Shelveskeep just fine.