On the banks of the Artic
sweet water flows
-author unknown

The Artic Corridor is a strip of land surrounding the mighty river Artic, which flows down from the Great Ice Plateau in the bitterly cold north of Celesterra. Due to its high fertility and the mobility of the Artic most Celesterran Surface-dwellers farm their crops on the Corridor and send their produce to the cities downstream through the riverafts and barges. The Corridor undulates with the river as it flows into the Shadowlands from the northern edge, and follows into the depths within. The most powerful viewing Apparatus on Terra Alta have been unable to probe those depths, and as a result there is no information of the Corridor past the city of Clemorne whereafter the Artic flows into the Shadow of the Gyrn Ranges.


  • Population: (Last Census -20 CE) Estimated 200,000 souls
  • Major Exports: Grain, Papyrus, Maize, Melk, Apprentices, Meats
  • Minor Exports: Tacky Souvenirs, Reed Flutes, Metals
  • Major Imports: Seeds, Livestock
  • Minor Imports: Stationery
  • Area: Unknown
  • Language: Alltongue, Miro, Kiliarnese
  • Major Cities: Clemorne, Dastasch, Faeylin, Jott, Kiliarn, Kiroy, Odrond, Rstaeni, Waxeroth


The inhabitants of the Corridor observe the seasonal changes of Terra Alta though they lie on the Surface and their crops not as greatly affected by Autumnox nor Vernalia. They hold the celebrations of Autumnox and rotate their crops with the seasons as Altans do, though they have no need to do so. Some theories have it held that they do so in accordance to some Gan Vahlnian tradition rather than strictly observing Autumnox and Vernalia themselves, and in fact have been doing so for far longer than Terra Altans have. The correctness of this theory may never be verified as the origins of Autumnox are now too far in the past to recall by any record.

|Lexicon entry duly accepted. Author: Aden Gincarin Etele|