The Balliforth Scrolls are an archaeological wonder and partial ruin, located in the depths of the catacombs beneath the city of Almanac. Since the Sub-Raiders' assault on Almanac in -98 CE, the Scrolls have been sealed off from the remainder of the catacombs, to the incessant consternation of scholarly visitors to the city the world over.


The Balliforth Scrolls are six cylindrical shafts cut from the bedrock of the Gyrn ranges arranged hexagonally, each shaft approximately eighteen spans in diameter with at least six spans between each. A series of ledges of similar narrow width but uneven vertical distance apart can be observed down the entire depth of each shaft, with the exception of the North and South shafts where the ledges were damaged by the Sub-Raiders' stoneships crashing down them.

The Scrolls have no bottom - they have been bored clean through with the Shadowlands visible far below. This feature gives Aethogeologist crackpots who ascribe to the "Ascended Mountains" theory of Terra Altan geological formation some hope for their theory holding water - a discovery of a sister set of Scrolls in the Shadowlands would prove the two formations were linked in the past. To date, such a structure has not been found.

The walls of the Scrolls are covered in carvings, roughly translated as a series of thrice-yearly compendiums of all events of import of which news was received by the unnamed Delivinic city - the ruins of which Almanac was built upon. The exact age of the scrolls - when they were first created; the timespan they chronicle - cannot be pinpointed, but are expected to be at least 1500 years old.


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