The Banma is a long script that was written sometime −96. It documents a large range of religions that are extant at the time.


The Banma was signed with only one name: Običa. This name is so common that most in the University are quite sure that this is a pseudonym. No one knows the true identity of the author as of yet.


The script was lodged near a fault line, resulting in both earthquakes and floatquakes affecting the scroll. It weathered them well, but just barely; large fractures have occured in the seams and it would appear that it wouldn't survive another violent vibration, and not many more rainstorms; and having being found near the third vertex of the equilateral triangle pointing north with the other two vertexes being Dewan and Kennat, it would have had a lot of rainstorms.


The list contains only a religion and a number, with no further information known about them. Those which are not attested in other documents are prefixed with a star (*). Any other text than the number indicates further information accrued from other documents.

The first ten religions are listed below.

5 440 000 -- The religion. Tritheistic, with forgiving nature.
1 130 000 -- Polytheistic, tends to be complacent with what they have.
1 003 000 -- Tritheistic, apathetic.
994 000 -- Duotheistic, aggressive. An extra note in the appendix shows "growing."
816 000 -- Tritheistic, similar to Imago. Rumoured to be the "original" Imago.
702 000 -- Monotheistic, aggressive.
655 000 -- Polytheistic, complex relationships.
392 000
130 000
97 000 -- Animistic, passive ("Join if you want; you can say you leave but you probably won't anyway.")


While at first this looks like an ordinary script, and in many respects it is, this particular script is important in which it is the first one to appear since −222, marking the more recent end of the Information Discontinuity. It is also one of the few scripts to actually document facts during the Discontinuity, and one of the few that have academic origins.


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