The Barhochz Dynasty (House of Barhochz) was the ruling family over much of the Terra Altan landscape for the Calinthrope Centuries. During this period of time, the members did all they could to aggrandize themselves, and very little to actually advance their political standings with the rest of the world. Admittedly, their militaries were powerful, their technologies were great, but neither of these were direct result of the family's intervention: the previous family had already instilled a sense of militarism in their people, and many joined voluntarily. Technological and theoretical advances were both due to an unusual concentration of geniuses born together in a single small village. It is thought these scholars were some of the first to develop Aetheric Bouyancy Theory. Using this information, many devices thought to be early forms of the modern Stoneships were created. While the effect was not as refined as the moderns, they did work to some effect.

The leadership essentially fell into the lap of the Barhocz, during a short period of chaos following the murder of the king of the time, Renix Peculier, Caliostro Barhochz(the first) stood up and tried to organize people and keep them calm. He was eventually thrust into the position of the king himself, completely unwitting of the change until almost three weeks later.

A largely incompetent leader, Caliostro immediately began to invade the neighboring countries and easily crush them with his large militaries. This tradition of quick, systematic expansionism eventually resulted in the downfall of the Barhochz. Their militaries spread too thin, revolts cropped up in many smlal villages within their borders and elevated to the point where countries began taking their land back with sheer numbers. The borders were pushed inward and eventually what little was left of their military turned on Calistro XI and took the country into the hands of their higher-ups, who reformed the country into a largely Renocratic society.

The fall of the Barhochz and the complete turn of the government ended the Calinthrope centuries, of course, bringing to close the oppressive policies of most governments at the time.