The Berkelye Principles are a set of anarchic-nihilistic ethicomathematic rules governing the base aspects of humanity. They were first conceived by the nihilist mathematician Chalei Berkelye as a manifesto for the anarchic organization known as Faction. Though the Principles were known in general terms as far back as -46 CE, it was not until after Faction’s collapse in -20 CE that they were uncovered in specificity at their headquarters in AEgostia. The content of the Principles have been republished many times over and the Simplified Freetext translation is now required reading for philosophy scholars.


  1. If humanity is a set containing sets of all human traits, then Humanity can be treated as one metahuman set.
  2. Let the set of all possible human beings, and thus the set of combinations within Humanity be Mankind.
  3. The set of Humanity and Mankind together make all possible and existing iterations of humans.
  4. Individual human beings contain a ‘marker’ set, which denotes the traits expressed.
  5. The marker set’s diversity is decreasing with each iteration. Each iteration of Humanity is less suitable for life.
  6. Undesirable marker sets must be removed in order to increase the suitability of Humanity for life.