Ekasha is a natural flamable substance, found most commonly in the shadowlands.


Ekasha natrually all over the shadowlands, though the richest deposits appear in the western area closest to the equator of Terra Altan. Though considered to be very stable, there have been several reports of ekasha exploding for no definate reason (though it was noted that these explosions occurred during the warmer months, so improper storage as well as ekasha's low flashpint may be to blame). Because of it's low flashpoint, ekasha is normally stored in cool or well ventelated areas.



If properly appilied and ignited a drinking cup sized ammount of ekasha will burn for approximatly two hours at 590 xen, making it usefull to metalsmiths and potters, who need long, consistant heat.


Before the invention of moon curtian, farmers in the shadowlands often appilied a layer of ekasha around their homes to deterr Bellow Reamers or Crooknas, though in the case of the latter, fences generally are enough to keep them from trampeling fields, though not much can stop a hungry Bellow Reamer from getting food.


Because of its low flashpoint (36 xen) adventurers often use it as a base to campfires or to deterr the majority of carnivorous wildlife.


Though effective in past confrontations, ekasha was highly ineffective in deterring the Bermarans during their attack on Ægostia. Since then it has been used less and less often as a weapon, and use of it for combat is often considered unwise or, in many cases, cowardly, since once alighted, ekasha is extraordinarily difficult to extinguish.


  • Existing
    • Ægostia
    • Bellow Reamer
    • Bermarans
    • Crooknas
    • Moon Curtian
  • Phantom
    • xen