Eldarus is a writing script. Originally part of the Tildarus language, it has grown to incorporate a lot of other languages.


The origin of Eldarus is unknown. A lot of these letters are seen in the ancient civilizations of Erbag and Qastí, over a thousand years ago. They were never seen together before the men in Erbanania put them together to write their own language, Tisquecko.

The script was first used to write Tildarus by the folks at the Chrome in −697. The large and clear strength of the Empire allows the entire script to be expanded greatly in terms of notoriety.

Soon it became clear that this is the one script to use in order to make everyone understand each other, or at least be used as a pronunciation guide. With the addition of two letters (pf and sz), it now has 36 letters and can represent every language in the greater part of Terra Alta.

The AlphabetEdit


The entire alphabet, with a demonstration of the block and cursive forms below.

There are 36 letters in the script, with no distinction between uppercase and lowercase forms. The shapes of the letters roughly approximate the shape of the mouth when making that sound.

Each letter (except T) also have a number. These are to make other numbers. They are in base 12, so a base 12 number such as A38 (1484) is notated ZhMF. K and T do not have a value; K can only appear on its own and represents 0, whereas T represents the decimal point. A big number such as 25A9B24103 are separated into groups of three (2 5A9 B24 103).


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