The Farlands are a region beyond the vast Camrynian Ocean which bound our fair continent of Emmehart. Their composition and geography is mostly unknown, as the curvature of Celesterra's planetary surface prevents even Almanac -based viewing Apparatus from gazing across the Camrynian. In addition to this, no Stoneship has been able to cross the vast ocean of the Camrynian due to the amount of resources and rations involved. In fact, were it not for astronomical data taken from Apparatus mounted on extremely Noriviite-rich probes, the qualities of the Farlands would be unknown to this day.


From observations taken from high-Noriviite probes, it is known that the Camrynian Ocean terminates at the western edge of the Farlands, approximately 1/4 of Celesterra's circumference away from the eastern coast of Emmehart. Aethogeologists have found by analyzing the properties of surviving Aether which can brave the Aetheric-dampening properties of Oceanic water that the Farlands are one large longitudinally-oriented continent which covers another seventh of Celesterra's circumference. It is currently unknown if there are Noriviitic Altan lands above the Farlands, but the evidence suggests that this is likely.


  • 50% miscellaneous minerals
  • 25% unknown minerals
  • 13% eyurn
  • 9% copper
  • 3% lightbringing minerals


Currently there are no planned expeditions to explore the Farlands and there will be none until an adequately large and light Stoneship can be constructed.


Another continent across the sea. Because the ocean's depth naturally acts as a sink for Aether Stoneships have a hard time getting across, and besides the distances involved require lots of crew and food. No one knows much about it.


This article written by: Aden Gincarin Etele