Greynberie is a vine plant with leaves that are commonly used as a treatment to Excherisca.

Growing Locations/PatternsEdit


Greynberie grows best in year round warmth, making it a common plant found on the ridges of deserts in the Shadowlands, and on Terras closest to the equator. Since greynberie vines don't grow very thick, but they grow exeedingly long, the plants grow best when they attach to pre-existing plants. Though they entangle themselves around the plant, greynberie often times aids the plants growth rather than hindering it; the berries are brightly colored and are a prefered food source for smaller flying wildlife, such as natterluts. With this nearby animal activity, their waste material fertalizes the ground, their movements can allow for polination, or they can the host plant's fruit, scattering their seeds as they leave. The largest single Greynberie plant, as noted in the Compendium of Herbological Wonders, is measured as being just shy of 1km tall, and is the only known free growing greynberie plant of its size. It can be found growing within walking distance of Elaran Earthmind, and it has been recorded that the two plants seem to have a symbyotic relationship as well; the roots of the greyberie surround the Earthmind, perhaps keeping the mushrooms from being eaten.


The strong, yet pleasent, sent of the greynberie has made it a popular plant for those who live in cities or for those who simply enjoy growing plants. Aside from finding the plant a host (many times a small pole will suffice) and the occasional watering, greynberie is a low mantinece plant. Many parts of the plant can be eaten, raw or cooked, including the silver colored fruit, the scented leaves, and the stem. The roots are known to have an extraordinairly bitter taste and are normally ground up and used to deterr pests.

Medical UsesEdit

The leaves serve many functions in the realm of medicin because of their scent. If the scent is inhailed it has been known to clear breathing tubes, making it a good treatment for the symptoms of excherisca, though it is not a cure. Chewing the leaves is an excellent way to aleviate upset stomach. The roots are believed to be a useful way to flush a person's system when ill, though it is not a very popular method because of the taste.


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    • Elaran Earthmind
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