Whenever an article mentions an event connected with a date, put the date and its event here. Because there are many conflicting calendar systems across the lands, all dates will be converted into years CE, after the Calendar of the Encyclopedia. The founding of this encyclopedia is 0 CE, and all years before it will be negative numbers and all projected dates after it will be positive numbers. The CE calendar uses the Ballic Calendar system. Keep in mind that dates before a century ago are almost certainly a bit fuzzy, although the exact degree can vary by quite a bit.

Whenever you write an article, and it mentions an event that took place at a certain time or date, place it here in this table:

Time Event
-3550 CE City of AEgostia founded by the Indajü
-2886/1/1/1 CE AEgostia wrested from the Indaju by the Moħo.
-1600 CE (very very very approximate) Ballic Calendar invented by the Lucians
-1500 CE Latest estimated date for the writing of the Balliforth Scrolls
-1239 CE Gan Vahlnians seek first contact with Sinadic civilisation, requesting assistance against Banstraith the Bellicose.
-1210 CE Earliest year in which it is estimated Dunskiff of Berm was born
-1190 CE Latest year in which it is estimated Dunksif of Berm was born
-1142 CE Balliforth Scrolls discovered by Rotia Alma. Official date for foundation of Almanac.
-1127 CE Bermaran Confederation founded.
-1107 CE Bermarans conquer AEgostia.
-1000 CE Absolute minimum age of the Elaran Earthmind
-1000, 1/1/5 CE Earliest date on the Covenant of Civilization
-697 CE Eldarus alphabet first used
-961 CE Dewan founded
-944 CE Kennat founded
-934 CE Aaron Finemont invents the lexograph.
-931 CE White Library established in Almanac.
-926 CE Crown hands ownership of White Library to Guild of Shelveskeeps. Fiona Alma instated as first Chief Shelveskeep.
-860 CE Chrome clique first rises as a cohesive power.
-812 CE The prophet and founder of Canninianity found murdered at an Autumnox celebration.
-792 CE Ardwick the Incontinent born.
-775 CE Heldwick the Uniter disappears; his first son Breenwick Boldhilted mortally wounded. Aardwick the Incontinent succeeds the throne one month later.
-757 CE Ardwick the Incontinent insults Czar-Priest of the Hrutgal, begins the collapse of the Rhuthstein Empire.
-755 CE Battle of Faergoth's Folly ruins Rhuthstein army. Ardwick the Incontinent dies. Rhuthstein Empire officially dissolves.
-705 CE Chrome takes over AEgostia.
-680 CE (very ballpark) AEgostia begins as the capital of the Chrome Empire
-650 CE Bermarans disspear
-644 CE Autonomy Debates take place in Dewan and Kennat.
-288 CE Aprendice Phantasms start by stealing from a neighbor.
-250 CE (very ballpark) Aegostia ceases to be the capital of the Chrome Empire. Presumably occured earlier than the fall of said Empire, so is probably before -244.
-244 CE Queen Larana the Just decrees Squidball tournaments be held every Autumnox.
-244 CE Chrome Empire falls, remnants of the Empire begin to fade.
-223 CE Small Ice Age begins. It has presumably ended by now.
-222 CE INFORMATION DISCONTINUITY BEGINS. From this time period, almost no fact-bearing scripts exist.
-100 CE Cavern King leads army of bellow reamers against Artic Corridor.
-98 CE Sub-Raiders assault Almanac, Balliforth Scrolls sealed off.
-56 CE Compendium of Herbological Wonders published.
-7 CE Lord Hume appointed as Governor of Almanac
-3 CE (roughly) Aprendice Phantasm copycat activity begins.
-3, 4/1/4 CE Dorial Disaster occurs.
-1 CE Due to the Dorial Disaster, all mining and processing of Haelenite ceases.
0 CE The Encyclopedia of Celesterra is founded